DIY perfect chalkboard lettering

I love to change up decorations around the house for the seasons. I usually don’t do a ton for spring and summer but fall is by far my favorite. So naturally, it gets special attention. Fall even comes before Christmas but please don’t tell my kids that. One of my favorite ways to switch things up is with chalkboards. I have several that I’ve collected over the years and I move them throughout the house as needed. Chalkboards are great because you can change them up so easily. The problem for me has always been that I have terrible handwriting! No one wants to look at a meaningful quote or entryway message if it’s written in chicken scratch! But guess what, I discovered how I can still have pretty chalkboards even if I don’t naturally have great handwriting. Here’s how.
You will need:
  • Chalkboard (I made the one pictured but this chalkboard is similar)
  • Printout of the words or art you want to trace
  • Chalk
  • Chalk pencil
  • Painters tape
  • Ink Pen 
  • Q-tip
  • Dust cloth

The first thing you need to do is type up your words on the computer. I used the font Magnolia Sky and put the size to 150. I printed each word out on a separate page.
how to make pretty chalkboard art
Next, cut off some of the excess paper around the word and rub the back of the paper where the word is with a piece of chalk. 
how to create pretty chalkboard lettering
Place the paper on the chalkboard where you want the words to go and tape it down to keep it in place. 
how to create perfect chalkboard art
Take the pen and trace over the outline of the words, making sure to press down firmly so that the chalk on the back of the paper will transfer to the chalkboard. 
how to do perfect chalkboard lettering
Once I had outlined everything with my pen, I took off the paper and filled all the letters in with my chalk pencil.
DIY perfect chalkboard lettering
DIY chalkboard lettering
I used the Q-tip to erase any chalk smudges between the letters. And used a dust cloth to carefully erase any chalk dust from the larger areas. Then, I free handed the little design on the bottom. 
So easy! I’ve used this method for back to school pictures for my kids as well as menu boards for parties and showers. 
fall front porch

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