Since the kids are back in school, it’s the perfect time to take in a little “me time” between housework, working, volunteering or whatever it is that you find yourself doing these days. Why not get a few friends together and host a ladies brunch!?

Brunch is one of my favorite meals to host! First of all it sounds so much fancier than breakfast or lunch and it’s later in the morning which gives you more time to sleep in. Most importantly, you can serve dessert after eating breakfast and it’s totally acceptable! I hosted this brunch a few months ago and it was so fun!
brunch recipes

 I love setting a pretty table but for busy weeknight dinners we survive on paper plates and dishwasher safe silverware. Since this is a special occasion, it’s a great time to pull out the good silver and cloth napkins. I tucked a menu into each napkin and wrapped them with jute twine.

ladies brunch for Mother's Day
brunch recipes for ladies brunch
 You can find these free menu templates from and fill in your own menu items. I found the faux lavender at World Market and tucked one into each napkin.
brunch table setting

Mini flower pots wrapped in burlap and tied with twine make adorable place card holders and double as favors for each guest. You can find the place card templates from

flower pot gift idea
DIY flower pot place card holder

Lemon curd tarts make an easy and delicious dessert. (Recipe coming soon!)

Lemon curd recipe

Don’t be afraid to purchase items from your local bakery to add to the menu. I enjoy baking but by purchasing a few items and choosing a few to make at home it relieves a little bit of stress and allows more time to enjoy friends and family.

french macaroons

french macaroons
bakery style muffins for brunch

mini flower pot place card holder

Garden flowers placed in a mason jar make a pretty centerpiece without taking away from the place settings. You could also have a giveaway by placing numbers at random under dessert plates and the guest with the winning number gets to take the centerpiece home.

floral centerpiece

table setting for brunch

blueberry muffins

Fresh fruit is always a good idea for a ladies brunch. You could also serve it with yogurt or melted chocolate for dipping.

brunch table setting

Quiche is another great recipe I love to serve at brunches. Once you make the base recipe you can really add whatever other ingredients you want to it. This one has bacon and cheddar but any combination of veggies would be delicious as well as ham or even sauteed apples. Yum! This bacon cheddar quiche is so good!

bacon cheddar quiche recipe
 dining room table settng
I have a tendency to shy away from entertaining because it’s hard to keep the house clean with three kids. My husband is totally the opposite and will invite last minute guests at the drop of a hat. He’s not concerned with what the house looks like and probably doesn’t even notice. He does do a lot of the cooking so he shares the work load too. I’ve learned to compromise a little and not get so stressed out over a clean house. Laundry gets piled up, dishes in the sink, food spills on the floor (parent tip: outdoor rugs are a life saver). In short we don’t have it all together over here. I enjoy setting a pretty table now an then but I’ve learned to be OK with paper plates and laundry piles.