Hello there! Busy as usual over here but I just wanted to pop in and share some pictures of Claire’s 8th birthday party. We decided on the bake shoppe theme a few weeks before the big day. I thought cake decorating would be a pretty easy activity to execute and fairly budget friendly since I already had a lot of the cake decorating supplies on hand.
 Making 24 cups of frosting was a bit time consuming though. I’ll be adding one of those extra large commercial type Kitchen Aid mixers to my Christmas list this year. I’m sure once I tell my husband it’s for mixing together large quantities of sugar to feed the bubbly little girls Claire invited to her party he’ll jump right up, head to Williams-Sonoma and pick out a cute one with a glass bowl attachment in a super fun color. 😉
cake decorating party
cake decorating party
I started making the mini cakes a week or so in advance and froze them. The night before the party I pulled them out and frosted them so they were ready by the next day. You can find the mini cake pans HERE.
cake decorating for kids
I found these white chef hats HERE and added the cupcake paper flowers to dress them up a bit. 
cake decorating for kids
cake decorating party
I made the banner using coffee filters and free printables from Pottery Barn Kids. You can view the tutorial here.
The name tag printables can also be found at Pottery Barn Kids.
I made their little aprons out of dish towels. They are inexpensive, washable and most importantly already hemmed — making them a cinch to put together! I found the tutorial for these here
girls birthday party ideas
kids cake decorating party
baking party
Since the guests were taking their cakes home we had strawberry shortcake cups for dessert instead of the traditional birthday cake.
baking party
The paper boxes are actually cupcake boxes I just took out the paper dividers. You can find them HERE.
cupcake baking party
All packed up and ready to go! I’m sure the mother’s all loved that I sent their kids home with 5 pounds of sugar, but the hate mail’s subsiding now and hopefully they’ll forget about it by next year and send their kids back for more! 
cake decorating party for kids
A lot of these photos were taken with my phone instead of my camera so they are a little blurrier than I would have liked but it got pretty busy during the party so I’m glad I managed to get a few anyway!!
I compiled a list of several of the items I used for your convenience.
Supplies List:
Happy party planning!

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