Hello all! Our first few weeks of summer have been busy! Fun, but oh so busy! We have crammed as much into the first month of summer as one family possibly could and now we are going to get ourselves together, clean the house and start on some more projects. OK. I’m the only one cleaning the house and doing the projects but you get the idea. Here are a few photos of what we’ve been up to lately. 
First, the girls and I took a road trip back to Kansas to the little town I grew up in. We stopped in Tennessee at a state park to snap a picture of this beautiful waterfall and then grabbed the kids and rushed back to the car before one of them jumped off the cliff. (It had guard rails but eventually my kids would have found a way around it I’m sure.)

 We did a little bit of swimming.

OK. A lot of swimming.
We visited all the fun places I played at as a kid. This is the library which has been redone since my time and has some really fun things for kids to do now. (Not that just reading books wasn’t fun or anything.)
Someone decided to go mobile as her sisters cheered her along.

We visited the cutest grandpa in the history of ever. (Mine.)

 And then we came back to our newly finished deck that my hubby and his super amazing friends built for us while we were gone! I’ll try and get some better photos once it’s all decorated and share it on the blog. 
We spent the next Saturday at The Village Market downtown and tried our first ever artisan doughnut.
And then my sister and her family flew into town and we took a little vacation to the beach. 

And you guessed it…more swimming.

Took a trip to the Aquarium where the humans are just as interesting as the fish.

Spent a little time birdwatching.
And then back home for you know… more swimming.
My niece Ava is pretty much the cutest thing ever. And if you’re interested in her adorable shirt you can get one here.

We spent the next few days exploring the city with the kids.

This is the recording studio at the Children’s Museum. Unfortunately, Let it Go wasn’t on the list of songs to sing but lucky for us Maddy knows it by heart.
And then we celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday with a surprise party!

And what’s a party without super adorable sugar cookies from the Cookie Kiln?
Not as awesome as this party that’s for sure.

Alas our excitement is over. My sis is gone and Claire has already stated she hates being cooped up at home. (The one afternoon we didn’t go anywhere). 
The rest of her summer might be a disappointment. 
But we’ll probably still go swimming.
Most of these photos were taken from my Instagram feed. Follow me here. (If you’re into that sort of thing.)