mini terra cotta pots
Hello all! Today I’m sharing with you this easy tutorial for aging terra cotta. I love switching out our decorations for the seasons and first stop is usually the mantel since that’s the most noticeable area in the living room. This was our spring mantel this year but the great thing is these little pots can be used for all seasons! I pulled out the moss letters and canvas ruffle wreath from last year. I had picked up a few mini terra cotta pots from my recent Hobby Lobby trip and wanted to incorporate them somehow. I wanted them to be a little more aged looking so I decided to distress them. It’s so easy and only took a few minutes to do. Opening a can of paint when my kids are awake is typically a bad idea but I got it done before they even noticed what was happening. =)
You will need:
aging terra cotta pots

First, I dipped my paint brush in the paint and then painted the pot using uneven strokes so the color of the pot still showed through in some places.

how to age terra cotta pots with chalk paint

It dried really fast so by the time I was done painting it was ready for distressing. I dampened an old cleaning rag and wiped off some of the paint so that more of the terra cotta would show. I also used a sanding block to sand the whole thing down until I liked the way it looked.

how to easily age terra cotta with chalk paint

And that’s it! So easy! I really like how they turned out. I’m thinking about doing some bigger ones for our front porch this year. 
aging terra cotta with chalk paint

I put little river rocks in the bottom of the pots to fill the space and then added little candles to the top.

spring mantel decorations

terra cotta pots

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