Hello all! Today Sue from My-bathrooms blog is here to share some ideas on bathroom decor! Let’s take a look!

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Bathroom Decor from Ceiling to Floor

Decorating the bathroom is a complex matter. There’s so much stuff to fit into a relatively small space and you cannot really leave any of it out! A bathroom with no accessories looks dull and boring (as well as providing nowhere to throw away rubbish, keep your make-up, or even leave your watch as you bathe.) and a bathroom with no toilet or tub simply is not a proper bathroom. It can be easy to miss one or two minor details when redecorating the bathroom, and these can make the difference between a perfect, ideal bathroom and one that does not quite come up to expectations. Make a check list, something like the one below, to make sure that you know what needs to be done in your bathroom.
Dress Up

Ceilings are often neglected in decor themes, painted a plain color, and left alone. In the bathroom in particular, this is a shame as a beautifully decorated bathroom ceiling is more likely to be seen and admired by anyone lying full length in the bath tub. If you don’t want to go over the top, opt for painting the ceiling in a strong vibrant color, and finish it off with a lovely light fitting or even a small chandelier if your bathroom is tall enough.
Color Choice

Choose your bathroom color scheme carefully, opting for a base color (usually a neutral or pastel shade), a medium color (a brighter or strong variation on the base color that is still not too vibrant), and an accent color. The latter should be used judiciously and evenly throughout the bathroom to pick out features and highlights, without ever becoming heavy or too much. On the other hand, if you are a color person, go for vibrant colors. Green is always a safe option as it makes the bathroom feel fresh every time you enter.
Dual Purposes

If space allows, why not invest in matching basins with a shared counter between them? In this way, two people can get ready for work in the morning or bed at night without needing to wait for the other to finish brushing their teeth or washing their face. You can create a wonderful look with two basins, providing each of you with a clearly delineated space for your ablutions.
Hot Foot!
Invest in some underfloor heating for your bathroom to add a truly luxurious and hedonistic atmosphere that will make those early morning bathroom visits a positive pleasure in winter. The only downside is that your cat will love them too, and spread-eagle herself over the heating elements to get the benefit of all that lovely warmth!
Thanks Sue! This post was perfect timing as our bathroom is definitely in need of a little TLC!