Hello! I just wanted to pop in and introduce you to the newest member of our family! I hadn’t planned on taking such a big break from blogging but things have been so busy lately as you can imagine. Adele was born the day after Christmas and is such a sweetie! She is a mama’s girl for sure and just loves to be cuddled. 

Maddy turned three on Monday and we celebrated with manicures, build-a-bear, pizza and the Lego movie. Then back home for some cake before we all got snowed in! We are having a small party for her this weekend as long as the snow melts and it’s safe for everyone to drive again!

The girls love “baby Dell” as they call her and are excited for when she can join them in the tub and play Barbies.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous year so far and hopefully I will be back soon with some fun tutorials and recipes that I’ve been working on!