Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing with you Maddy’s new toddler bed. I finished it a couple weeks ago and just finished up her bedding yesterday. I rearranged Claire’s bedroom to make room for it and still have more to do but here are some pictures of the bed in its new place. I’ll be sharing the tutorial for it hopefully next week! Maddy has been (to my surprise) still contently sleeping in her crib and has yet to learn how to climb out. Claire started climbing out at 18 months so it’s been nice to not have to worry about her sneaking out during nap time. But with the new baby on the way and Maddy getting ready to share a room with Claire we decided it was time for her to get her very own big girl bed. 

The pillow came from her nursery bedding. It’s part of the Sophia collection from Pottery Barn Kids. Maddy hasn’t officially started sleeping in her big girl bed yet as I’m just now getting everything organized in her new room. I’m still on the lookout for some toddler sheets and will probably just end up making them if I can’t find what I’m looking for.

I made her toddler comforter with an adorable Riley Blake floral fabric on one side and pink minky dot on the other. It has the same colors in it as Claire’s twin quilt so it was the perfect addition the room!  Maddy chose the pink minky for the back herself and I added a layer of batting in the middle for added warmth. I had originally planned on using the bed skirt from Maddy’s crib for this but it didn’t look exactly like I wanted it to so I went ahead and made her this green one. It’s the same fabric I used to make Claire’s bed skirt so even though their bedding is not exactly the same it still blends really well together. 

I used extra fabric from her comforter for the box pleat.

This comforter is now available in my shop so you can go here to get one for your little one.

Maddy loves playing on her new bed so hopefully we can get her out of her crib and into her big girl bed soon!

Stay tuned for the tufted toddler bed tutorial and I’ll be sharing some completed pictures of the girls room once I get it all finished. Happy weekend!