We took a short trip to the beach last weekend in an attempt to hold on to the last little bit of warm weather. The weather was perfect and the kids were so excited to go swimming as they had been asking almost every day if they could go….even though the pool has been closed for well over a month now. 

The water in the ocean was cold but Claire didn’t care in the least and jumped in just like it was bath water. She’s a mermaid at heart!

Maddy wasn’t that crazy about the ocean water and had more fun playing in the sand and swimming in the heated pool at the condo.

The condo was right by the beach so we just walked out the back door and there we were. So convenient! Especially when you have little kids and a million things to pack for them.

A little night swimming before we went in for baths.
So now we are settled back at home still trying to get the sand out of our laundry. =) I’ll be back next week to introduce a new item I’m adding to my shop! Happy weekend!