I showed you how to recover and tuft an ottoman in this post and today I’m going to show you how I made the covered buttons that go on it. It’s so easy! I purchased a few of these covered button kits from Hobby Lobby. You can get them with the plastic tools included in the package. I already had the tools for the size of buttons I was making so I just purchased several packages with the buttons only.

The directions are on the package but I’m going to show you how I did it just for fun.

You will need:

  • Covered button kit (with the button mold and pusher included) 
  • Fabric
  • Hard flat surface 
  • Hammer (If the fabric you’re using is thick)

So, your kit will come with two plastic “tools” to use called the mold and the pusher. The mold is what you will push the button into with the fabric in between. And the pusher obviously pushes down the back part of the button. Your buttons will come with a smooth round top piece and the back piece with the eye.

First, start by placing the small piece of fabric that you are covering the button with on top of the button mold. Push the top of the button face down into the fabric so it fits tightly into the mold.

Next, trim the fabric close to the button leaving only a little to fold down into the center.

After you’ve folded down the excess fabric into the center of the button place the back side of the button on top with the eye facing up.
Next place the pusher on top of the back of the button and use it to push the back of the button into the front part of the button. I was using a thick canvas fabric so I had to use a hammer to get it all the way down. If you’re using a thinner fabric you probably won’t need the hammer. I placed the button on an old book so I wouldn’t ruin the furniture I was making them on.

After the back of the button is pushed down you just pop it out of the bottom plastic piece and you’re done!

Easy right?!

Happy weekend!