Hello all! Can I just start by saying it’s been crazy around here lately! I’ve been having a hard time getting into a good summer routine since school has been out. Let me just tell you it started when we got back from our trip. Maddy got pink eye two days after we got back and then of course I got sick the day after her {only wouldn’t you know it’s like 10 times worse for adults.} On top of that our air conditioner broke down and it took American Home Shield 3 weeks to tell us our situation wasn’t covered… not cool. {pun intended} =)
Anyway our air is fixed now and everyone is well. Yay! I was planning to post an amazing peach cobbler recipe today but since I’m a little behind I’m sharing with you this American Flag Cake I blogged about a while ago. I thought it was perfect with the 4th of July just around the corner. Stay tuned for some more yummy summer recipes and some fun projects!
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