I’ve been meaning to take photos of our gallery wall for a while now but I hadn’t decided if I was finished with it yet. I’ve got other projects I’m focusing on currently so I decided it’s finished for the time being at least. And really… is anything ever completely finished? 
Here are the first set of photos I took.

But then I switched the chairs around and put the striped one by the fireplace and the white one by the tv. Hmm…which do you like better?

And just for fun here is a look at the photo wall before I made a couple changes to the top right corner.
Most of these frames were taken from other places around the house. I’ve collected them over the years and knew I wanted to make a gallery wall when I found the time. A lot of the photos were taken by me, some are professional and some were taken by Matt. The top left frame is filled with book pages. I’m not finished with that project yet but also not sure what else I’m gonna do with it so we’ll see. The numbers and key are from Hobby Lobby. The S is just a cardboard letter I modge podged with book pages.
So tell me…what do you think? For more gallery wall inspiration and instructions on how to put up your own gallery wall you can view this post. Happy weekend!

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