Hello All! I’m sharing with you today a little bit of my workspace makeover. Below is a picture of what it looked like before I painted the walls. I really do love the color red but since this room is used for so many purposes I wanted to go with something neutral on the walls. The furniture gets moved around all the time so this isn’t the most recent photo but you get the idea. This room was meant to be the formal dining room but I took it over as my sewing room and usually have one or two folding tables out when I’m working on projects. 
Here is a look at a little corner of the room with the new wall color. It’s called Himalayan Trek by Benjamin Moore. I absolutely love it! It really brightened up the room! If you’re looking for a fabulous greige this is a great choice!
I pulled this table out of the garage and cleaned it off to use as a temporary desk. The chairs just got a makeover so I’ll be posting more details about those soon.
My vision for this room is to put a big table in the middle. I’d like to take the legs off of this table and use them to build a bigger table like this one on Miss Mustard Seed. She makes it look so easy doesn’t she? The only piece of furniture I’ve ever built is this bench so we’ll see what happens. The big table could then be used as my work table/dining table (when we need it for dinner guests). So it would be a dining room by day and work room by night! Sneaky right? =)

Here is a look at another piece of furniture in this room I’m repurposing. We were given some beautiful bedroom furniture by some of our friends a while ago so the old dresser got moved into this room to store fabric and craft supplies. I plan to paint it soon and either get different hardware or maybe just spay paint the existing hardware. It has a mirror that goes with it so I may paint it also and hang it above the dresser.

One of my little helpers just checking to make sure the flowers smell good!

The chalkboard printable is from Yellow Bliss Road and you can go here to download your own. I had it printed at staples as an engineer print and then just taped it to the front of my chalkboard.
Here are a couple fabric swatches in the running for window treatments. I’m loving blue right now and Matt loves it so I’m leaning in that direction. These fabrics are Premier Prints from here. They are so inexpensive and I’m really fickle so I won’t feel bad if I decide to change it up and a month or so. =)

Still to do:

  • Paint dresser and mirror
  • Make panels
  • Build a table
  • Chairs (maybe build a bench?)
  • Rug
  • Lighting
  • Art
Ok, I think that’s enough to think about for now! Stay tuned to see the progress!

P.S. I’m planning to sell the window treatments that are pictured in the first photo. They are fully lined cascade shades made out of this fabric. Two of them measure approximately 37″ wide and the third one is 52″ wide. If anyone is interested please let me know!