Happy Monday! Can you believe I got a post out on a Monday? Even if it is the afternoon! Today I’m sharing with you how to reupholster a drop in seat. Dining chairs with drop in seats are seriously the  easiest thing to reupholster. I often see them at yard sales and thrift stores for cheap so you could really score a great deal if you just take the time to look. My mother-in-law got these Napoleon style arm chairs for me years ago for $5 a piece. (She’s brought me several bargains she’s found for me to redo or use in some way! Love her! ) 
Here is what they looked like before their latest makeover. I had recovered the seats once before using a table cloth from Pottery Barn and decided it was time for another change.

To recover a drop in seat you will need:

  • Fabric (1 yard will be enough for one, 1.5 yards for two)
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Scissors
  • Phillips or flat head screw driver 
First, you will need to unscrew the seat from the chair. Lay it flat on its back and there will be four screws to unscrew, one in each corner.

Next, lay your seat face down on the backside of the fabric. You may want to take off the existing fabric and replace the  padding underneath depending on its condition. Since I had already recovered these once before I left it as is. I only had one yard of this fabric since I was using what I already had on hand so I had to stretch the fabric a little to get it to cover two seats. Next time I would get a yard and a half for two chairs. Cut out what you will need for the seat. Enough to wrap it around and have two or three inches onto the back of the chair for stapling.
Flip it over to make sure the pattern is lined up where you want it on the front.

Smooth it out on the top and then flip it back over and start stapling. I stapled one staple in the center of each side to hold it in place and then put the staples about an inch apart on all sides pulling tight as I went so it was still smooth on the top.

Pull the corners tight so they look like this.
Once everything is nice and secure screw it back into your chair and you’re done! So easy right? And it takes such a small about of fabric you can change them up to your hearts content! While the seats were out I painted the chairs with some white paint I had and gave them a quick coat of poly on top to keep them from chipping. The perfect versatile chair for my dining room/work room makeover.

I’m loving the white! I almost painted them gray but since the walls were already grayish I decided not to. Maybe next time I’ll venture out and choose a fun color!