Today I’m sharing with you a few updates on the never ending kitchen project. Below is the photo I took just after I finished painting the counters almost a year ago. You can view the tutorial on that in this post. And the beadboard backsplash tutorial in this post.
And here is a look at those ugly counters before I painted them.

Here is an updated photo of the kitchen as of today. I finally finished attaching and caulking the molding. I’m planning on giving it one last coat of white but I still need to paint and poly the cabinet door fronts so I’ll wait and do all the painting at the same time.
I painted the walls Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It only took me a couple hours since there is very little wall space in the kitchen. 

I also switched out the drawer pulls for these oil rubbed bronze ones I got for Christmas. You can’t really tell from the photos but they are a slightly different finish than the cabinet knobs. I got the original cabinet hardware several years ago at Lowe’s. I’ve looked around town but they didn’t have the exact same finish for the drawer pulls anywhere. So my options on this are to A. spray paint the existing knobs with oil rubbed bronze spray paint or  B. sell them on Craigslist and purchase the knobs that match the new cabinet pulls exactly. I think I may go with B since I’m not quite sure how spray painted hardware would hold up and I don’t know that the spray paint would match the drawer pulls exactly either. 

The counters have been painted for almost a year now and are still shining!
A close up of the caulk.

Once I decide for sure on what to do with the cabinet knobs I’ll take them all off, clean, paint and poly everything. I went ahead and painted the drawers and gave them a couple coats of poly since I already took off the hardware to switch it out. They are so much easier to clean now and hopefully won’t chip as easily with the poly coat on top!
I’ll be back next week with some photos from my projects in California so stay tuned!