I’m sharing with you today the story of my friend Kim. You can view her blog at kimzkitchen.wordpress.com. She has a lot of great recipes but that’s not why I’m sharing her blog with you today.

When she found out she was expecting her third little baby she began sharing updates on her blog of how excited she and her husband Chris were since they had wanted another baby for quite some time. They were heartbroken to learn that their little guy had trisomy 18, a severe genetic disorder and would probably not make it to term. He fought much harder and longer than the doctors expected. He was born into heaven December 17th and into their arms December 19th. Here is the video they showed at his memorial service and tells his story better than I ever could.

So grab some tissues and please take time to watch.

Kim and Chris have set up a memorial fund for Kyle. Below I’ve copied the information from Kim’s blog if you’re interested in donating:

We have set up a memorial fund, in partnership with Compassion International, to help pregnant women and infants whose lives are at risk because of poverty and treatable illnesses in South America. This fund will be used to support these women and babies by providing clean drinking water, basic prenatal and postnatal care and education, and basic food supplies to make breastfeeding their new infants possible, where infant formula is not an option. They will also hear of the love of Jesus. The love that made our little Kyle’s life possible. The love that’s making their little one’s life possible.

In lieu of flowers at the service, we are requesting that donations be made to the Kyle Rackley Memorial Fund. These donations can be made in a number of ways

* Through our special secure Memorial Fund Fundraiser link. – Where you can also see how others’ generosity are going to further the cause of Christ. It’s exciting for us – when exciting is hard to come by. Come take a look.

* Through Paypal– send a personal gift to kylerackleymemorialfund@gmail.com.

* Through the mail at

The Kyle Rackley Memorial Fund
c/o Greenville Federal Credit Union
1501 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, SC 29609

* Keep up with where the money is going through Kyle’s special Memorial Facebook page.