I decided to make the girls little red riding hood capes for Halloween this year since I had some fleece on hand that I’d purchased a while back. Claire eagerly agreed she would be ‘twins’ with Maddy and after I had already made them she decided to be Cinderella. Good thing she has daddy wrapped around her little finger and he agreed to buy her another costume. Here are my little red riding hoods at one of the activities we went to last week before she changed her mind.
little red riding hood
little red riding hood


 These would make great dress-up costumes for Christmas or birthday gifts also!
DIY kids Halloween costumes

To make your own you will need:


First, you will start by folding your fabric in half. Then fold it in half again so there are 4 layers total. Place your tape measure at the corner of the fabric. You want to work along the edges with the folds, not the selvage.


With your fabric marker mark 2.5″ down from the corner in several places and then connect them with your marker. This will be the circle for the neck hole. 2.5″ is the measurement I used to make the larger one. To make Maddy’s (smaller) I measured down 1.5″.
Do the same thing again measuring 21″ from the corner. This number can be changed depending on how long you want your cape. I made the smaller one 14″ long.



Following the line you drew cut out your neck piece.


Do the same to the length measurement.


So your fabric will look like this. The left overs will be used to make the hood and the ruffle.


Once you unfold it it should look like this.
Cut a slit in the circle running from the edge all the way to the neck hole.
Now onto the hood. I got my pattern from here. I used the same pattern to make the smaller hood but I cut it down about 2″ on the back.
Cut out two.
Place them one on top of the other with right sides together and sew along the back curved edge of the hood. Make sure to stop at the bottom before you get to the smaller curve where the neck would go.


Flip it right side out so you have this.


Do the same thing to the coordinating lining fabric. This is actually cut from an old pillow case I had.
After the lining piece has been sewn like the fleece. Slip it over the fleece part of the hood with right sides together and pin it together along the front, straight part of the hood.



Now sew it together where you pinned.


Flip it right side out from the bottom, open end and iron it.



Sew along the bottom to secure the lining and fleece pieces together.


Next, you are going to attach the bottom edge of the hood to the neck of the cape.


Match the ends and pin it with right sides together.


Sew all along the edge where you pinned. Next, you will sew your ribbon ties onto the inside edges of the hood where the hood and cape meet. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this step.
So it will look like this from the side.


If you want to add a ruffle cut out strips of fabric 3.5″ wide running the width of your fabric. You will have to piece several strips together. I think I cut out at least six or seven strips. The fuller the ruffle, the more strips you will need.
Pin them end to end with right sides together and sew them. So in the end you will have one long strip.
I made my ruffle by sewing a basting stitch (longest stitch length) all along the top edge of the strip. Take one of the threads and pull it, gathering the fabric to create a ruffle. You want the ruffle to be long enough to go all the way around the bottom of the cape. After you have the ruffle the way you like it, sew over it with a regular stitch to secure. Sorry the picture of this step somehow got lost in my computer. I did a ruffle in this post if you would like to see it.
Place the ruffle along the bottom edge of the cape with right sides facing and pin in place.
Sew it along the edge. You can see the seam where I connected two of the strips in this picture.


Maddy’s was done before Claire’s so I took lots of pictures of her in the initial photo shoot.
Halloween costume



DIY halloween costume


kids halloween costume


DIY kids halloween costume

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

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