Hello All! It’s been crazy the last couple weeks trying to get caught up on projects. Today I’m sharing with you the tutorial for Claire’s Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale dress. There are lots of steps but don’t worry they’re not hard! 
Barbie fashion show party
You will need:
  • Polyester satin fabric for dress (I bought about 2.5-3 yards)
  • Sheer glitter fabric for overlay (2 yards)
  • Matching thread
  • 1/4 yard coordinating fabric for belt {optional}
  • Satin flower {optional}
  • Sew-on Velcro

The bodice of this dress is made using the same basic method I used to make Claire’s Tinkerbell dress
First you are going to measure your little girl. Measure around her chest, around her waist, and from the top of her chest (where you want the dress to start) to the bottom (where her waist begins). Then you’re going to use those measurements to make the bodice. You are going to add 3″-4″ to the width measurement and 1″-2″ to the length measurement and draw it out on your fabric. 
You’re going to cut out 2.
Lay each piece of the bodice one on top of the other with right sides together.
Next I made the straps that go around her neck. You are going to cut out a 3″ strip running the length of your fabric. Fold it right sides together and pin in place. 
Sew it together using a 3/8″ seam 

Flip it right side out by attaching a safety pin to one end and pushing it through.

Iron it flat centering the seam in the middle of the backside. Cut it in half to make two pieces and finish the edges.

Now back to the bodice. With your fabric marker or pencil mark the center of your bodice at the top. I wanted her straps to be 6″ apart so I marked them each 3″ from the center and pinned them in place in between the two bodice pieces.
Sew around the two sides and top of the bodice using a half inch seam allowance making sure to leave the bottom half open for turning. Trim your seams and flip it right side out. 
After it has been flipped right side out you will create the bodice by bringing the two sides together overlapping one an inch or two over the other. You may want to try it on your child to see exactly how much to overlap. I sewed mine together just at the very bottom of the bodice. 

This is how it looks from the back after it is attached to the skirt. I sewed Velcro on to the back along the edges to make it easy for her to get on herself since she plays dress up in this also.

Now onto the skirt. I had around 2 yards of fabric so I rolled it out with the selvage on top. So when you are looking at it, the longest part will be left to right. The width you need will depend on how tight you pull the gather. You can get away with less, you would just gather it less. I gathered mine a lot so I just rolled out everything I had and used it. To gather the fabric you use the same method you would use to create a ruffle. Using a basting stitch (longest stitch length) sew along the selvage, top edge of the skirt about 1/2″from the top, all the way across.

Take one of your threads on the end and gather it all the way until you get the correct width. 
You want the finished width of your skirt to be the same as the bottom of the bodice. After you have it the width you want, sew across the basting stitch with a regular stitch to secure it.

Now you are going to connect the two edges of the satin to make the skirt.
You will sew the seam with the right sides together using a half inch seam allowance. The seam will go in the back of the dress.
You will use the same steps as above to create the sheer overlay. You want it to be the same size so it will fit perfectly on top of the skirt. 

I had enough of the sheer to do two layers. I just stacked one on top of the other and sewed them at the same time.

Once you’ve made your sheer overlay place it on top of the satin skirt 

And pin it at the top. Sew it using a half inch seam.

Now to attach it to the bodice. You are going to first flip your bodice wrong side out and pull the top of the skirt into it, lining up the top edge of the skirt with the bottom edge of the bodice. The right sides will be facing each other.

Make sure you match up the back of the bodice with the back seam of the skirt.

Pin it all the way around.

Sew it together using a half inch seam allowance.

When you flip it right side out it should look like this.

Here is a look at the back again. I forgot to take a picture of the Velcro step but this is where I sewed the Velcro onto the back. I used three pieces. 
Now try it on your little girl and mark where you want the hem to be. I used a double fold hem to finish each layer.
I also added a belt using the exact same method I used to make the straps. I just made it a little wider. I clipped a satin flower onto it. 
barbie costume tutorial

You may notice these straps don’t tie around the back of her neck as pictured on my table above. I decided to change it up a bit and attach the straps directly onto the back of the dress. I just sewed each strap in place where I wanted them to go and cut off the excess fabric.

I originally thought this could double as her Halloween costume this year but no such luck. I ended up making her costume along with Maddy’s using fabric I already had around the house. More on that soon!
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