Last year it felt weird pulling out all my fall decorations in September because it was so hot but this year the weather is perfect! Fall is already in the air and I’m ready for apple pies, pumpkins and all the other fun things that come with this time of year. I wanted to do something a little different with the fireplace this year. I found this old door in my father-in-laws’ wood stash. It was an old play set door and I loved its look. He said I could have it so I took it home, cleaned it and stained it.

Here’s a look at it during the staining process.

The downside of this door is that it was really heavy. Like so heavy I could barely lift it onto the mantel. I wasn’t sure how the mantel would hold up to such a heavy piece so I decided to be safe and move it to a more secure location.

As of right now it’s hanging out on top of the dresser but I have plans to rearrange the furniture just a tad for the colder weather so I’m not sure exactly where it will end up.

This is the ruffle wreath I made last spring. I just pulled off the spring items and added some more feathers, leaves and berries.

 So now the mantel looks very similar to last years mantel.

The fall printable was found here.

I have a little more fall decorating to do and another party to start planning!

Happy Fall!