A few months ago I blogged about our new living room sofa. I was very excited to get rid of our old one.  We’d had it since Lily was a puppy and you know puppies and new any furniture… not a good mix. It lived in my office for a few months until it made its way onto Craigslist and into somebody else’s home.
 Unfortunately, our new sofa wasn’t working out. I loved the fabric at first but only a couple weeks after we got the sofa it started pilling…you know like an old wool sweater. I’m usually not one to play the role of unsatisfied customer but I knew my hubby wasn’t  about to be purchasing another sofa for me anytime soon so I thought I’d let them know and see what happened. I (very nicely) emailed our sales person and told him about it and within 10 minutes someone called me back and told me to come in and pick out a new one! Talk about customer service! We chose one similar to the one we had only in a different fabric. I love it! Here it is along with a little summer decor.

Oh, Maddy…what have you done with your clothes. 

Fun pillows for my rustic bench.

I hope everyone had a great summer! Claire starts school this week and I’ve got last minute party details to attend to! Stay tuned…