Claire started Kindergarten a couple weeks ago as many of your kids have also. I miss my girl during the day but am glad we are getting into more of a scheduled routine now that school is in session. She’s loving it and making new friends!

I’ve had fun trying to make special lunches for her during the week. She always loves it when I cut her sandwiches into shapes. I try to do a little extra when I pack it so she’ll have a fun surprise when she opens her lunchbox at school. Here are a few of her lunches from this year so far.
Hello Kitty Sandwich
Turkey, cream cheese and tortilla roll-ups

Flower Sandwich and butterfly cheese. Claire is picky so I try and pack her things I know she will eat and save the experimenting for days she eats at home. 
Meat and cheese kabobs. Can you tell she loves yogurt?

 Puppy Sandwich with bone shaped cheese and Scooby snacks.

Lady bug sandwich with little bug graham crackers.
Her Grammy got her this cool lunch box. The blue tray fits on the top part of the box and is also the ice pack.

All the little dishes have lids and then one big lid holds it all together.

She ordered this from her work so I’m not sure where you would get it online but I found some awesome lunch boxes from Laptop Lunches and Pottery Barn Kids.

What do your kids like in their lunches? I’m always looking for new ideas!