We are back from our trip to Kansas and I’m happy to say the kids did pretty well on our 17ish hour drive. We split it up into a couple days since Claire said she needed to stop at a nice hotel so she could get her beauty rest. And let’s face it, road trips are so much more fun when you can get a good nights sleep. I thought I would share with you a few photos of our trip. Most of these were taken with my iPhone. Usually I never hesitate to lug around my big camera but this time I just wasn’t in the mood.
It’s kind of tradition for us to paint our toes when we get there. That way they look good for the pool since we do a lot of swimming!

Trying to build a sandcastle.

We spent most of our days at the pool. I have some water babies for sure!!

Three ice cream cones for less than $4.00…what a bargain! Around our city you can’t get one for that price!

Claire and I went exploring one morning so I could show her where I grew up. This is an antique store we wanted to visit but it was closed and we never got a chance to come back.

The sign made me laugh.

Best sugar cookies ever! We brought some home for Matt to enjoy.

We explored the library and finally found the children’s section on the top floor.

Five cents for a carousal ride.

Claire’s first time at miniature golf.

Not sure whose to blame for putting her in those pink socks.
Yes! Hole in 8! =)

Does it make us famous that our names are on bricks in the mini golf course? =)

Maddy’s version of golf…throwing the balls in the hole.

We found some adorable baby bunnies.

Visiting the best grandpa ever!

Dr. Claire examining Dr. Atwood

Me and my sis, apparently the kids didn’t know they were suppose to smile.

Well I think that’s about it for our trip!

I’ve got some tutorial’s I plan to post soon and some fun parties I’m planning so stay tuned!