Hello again! We got back late last week and I am still trying to get myself back on schedule. I finally got the suitcases unpacked and now I’m getting caught up on projects! I thought I’d share a few pictures from our trip. We drove to Pennsylvania first to see our friend John get married. I was so busy with my (crazy from riding in a car for 10 hours the day before) baby that I didn’t get to take any pictures of their beautiful wedding. I did get to see friends from college and luckily they were understanding of my overly tired baby.  After the wedding we drove to Connecticut to see friends and show the kids around where Matt used to live. It was so beautiful there! After church on Sunday we went to a park to let the kids run around.

Beautiful lake

We stayed in this beautiful house while we were there.
Look at this gorgeous staircase. I can just picture it all decked out for Christmas.
View from the front door.

Claire enjoyed exploring while Maddy took her naps.

We spent a day touring Matt’s old town and visiting antique shops.
We ate lunch at this little sea food place. The shrimp was delicious!

We stopped in DC on our way home and stayed with friends.
I love to watch DC Cupcakes so we stopped by their store while we were there.

So yummy!

We took the Metro downtown and took Claire around to the museums. 

Then we went to We the Pizza for lunch. It’s Spike’s restaurant from The Top Chef.

Best pizza ever!!!

We had a great trip and the car ride on the way home was much better than the way up since we split it up!

Now I’m off to get to work on some projects!