I made a couple of these gumball necklaces for Claire’s Easter basket this year and thought I’d share the tutorial with you. I first discovered these last year when my friend Rachel made one for her little girl for Valentines Day. These are relatively easy to make and so cute! 
You will need:
  • gumballs (Party City has bags of single colored gumballs)
  • ribbon
  • craft needle 
  • metal skewer
  • thick rubber band
First, using the metal skewer pierce one side of the gumball while holding the top of the gumball firmly in place with your other hand. {My hand was on my camera otherwise it would have been holding my gumball in place. =)} Then flip the gumball over and poke a hole on the other side directly across from your first hole. 

So now you have two holes directly across from each other.

Thread your craft needle with ribbon.

The hardest part is threading the ribbon through. Use a large needle to pull the ribbon through the gumball.  My needle kept slipping so I used a large rubber band to grip the needle which made it much easier to hold onto.

You can tie knots between each gumball or add embellishments like ribbon or flowers.

Wouldn’t these make great party favors!?

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