Aren’t babies the silliest things? One minute they are smiling away showing off their cute hat and dimples being oh so photogenic…

…and the next they are spitting up in their friends bucket. While still adorable (to mom at least) kind of gross too.  {Promise I cleaned it out Rachel!} =) 

Well that is where burp cloths come in handy! Every mom needs some stylish burp cloths to carry around in case your little bundle of joy decides to spit up everywhere! I started making these when Claire was a baby. While Maddy has a tendency to spit up now and then (obviously in the picture above) Claire was the absolute worst baby I have ever seen when it came to spitting up! 
To create your burp cloths you will need:
  • 3/4 yard fabric for the front of your burp cloths and 3/4 yard for the back. (I usually use a patterned fabric for the front and a solid for the back) this makes 3 burp cloths with a little extra fabric for bibs
  • matching thread
  • Embroidery thread (optional)
You can make burp cloths in a variety of different shapes and sizes. I’ve made some rectangles in the past also. I created this pattern because I like them nice and big and I like the little indention it has for placing it over your shoulder. The first thing you would do is create your pattern. I just drew out my pattern onto paper and played with it a little until it came out how I liked it. You can buy a pattern at most any fabric store if you’d rather not make your own.  Next, lay out your fabric and use your pattern to cut out the pieces.  I cut out 3 pieces from my solid fabric and 3 from my patterned fabric. Then I placed them right sides together on top of each other. So each burp cloth has a solid and patterned side. Pin them in place.
Make sure to mark where you will leave an opening at the bottom to turn it right side out.
Sew it all the way around leaving your marked section open.

Flip it right side out.

So it looks like this. I usually shake it out and push the seams out with a ruler or something similar to make sure it retains it’s shape. Then iron it flat.

Turn under the opening, iron it flat and sew it close to the edge.

I like to finish the top edge with an embroidery stitch. My favorite is the scallop.

I use embroidery thread for this but all purpose thread would work also.

I made some matching bibs to go with them. {Note: This picture was taken before I added the snap closures to the bibs.}

This would make a great gift for any stylish mom-to-be!

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