I finally got around to finishing up our Christmas tree and mantel. Claire and I stayed up late one night (late for her anyway) decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music. I think my Christmas decorations look so much better this year against the white fireplace. You can view the original post about my fireplace makeover here. I didn’t buy anything new this year although I still need to make a wreath for the front door. I usually try to add one new item to my Christmas decor every year. The wreath, garland, glass hurricane vase, and two red stockings in the middle are from Pottery Barn. The other stockings were a gift from my parents one year and have our names embroidered on them. We still need to get one for Madeline so until then she and Lily each get a red one. The lantern on the left is from Pier One and the one on the right is from Hobby Lobby. The PEACE stocking holders are from Target.

Maddy, always trying to sneak to the fireplace.
We waited for daddy to get home to put the angel on the tree.

My helper.
Did you know Home Depot has their Poinsettias on sale for 99 cents on Black Friday? It’s a great time to stock up for the Holidays. (They also make great gifts for friends along with cookies or other treats!!)

Here are a few of our favorite ornaments.

We like to collect ornaments from the different places we visit. This is one of the first ones we ever bought from our honey moon in Orlando. (I don’t even recognize those young skinny people in the picture.) =)

This one is from our visit to Charleston.

This one is from our trip to Biltmore. Biltmore is beautiful especially during the holiday season. 

The train that goes around our tree.

I still have more to do for the other rooms in the house. Matt really wanted to get a real tree this year but since real trees tend to shed and I have several babies in my house throughout the week that love to put things in their mouths we decided to what till next year! 
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