Each year for Christmas I help Claire decorate her own little tree for her room. At first I used the little 3 foot tree I had from my college days but last year Grammy got her this little tree which I like better since it fits on her night stand. We decorated it with pink since she’s all about pink right now and she says it’s Pinkalicious! (You know like the book.) =)
This year I made her this pink garland using mini pom poms, a needle and thread. I just threaded my needle and pushed it through the middle of all my pom poms. Tie a knot in the thread to finish it of at the ends. 

We put lights on her tree so she can use it as her night light. (She’s still a tiny bit scared of the dark.)

 We finished off her room decor with some festive bears!

Well, I’ve got lots more wrapping, sewing, cleaning and baking to get done before Christmas so I’d better get busy! I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas!!