I’m blessed to have a lot of little girly girls in my life so I’ve learned to make lots of little girly things. One of the most girly things I can think to make is this little tutu and fairy wand set. You can view the tutorial for the tutu in this post. Today I’m going to show you how to make the tulle fairy wand.
tulle wand, fairy wand

You need a book, 1 spool of tulle like this one, ribbon, scissors, a dowel rod, a rubber band and a hot glue gun (not pictured).

First wrap the tulle around the book 20 times or so.

Then cut your tulle straight down the middle on one side. Carefully turn the book over and cut down the middle on the other side.

So you’ll have a pile of squares.

Wrap a rubber band around the middle.

Tie a ribbon over your rubber band to hide it. Don’t cut off the ends of your ribbon because you will use them to attach the tulle ball to the dowel rod.

Then you are going to pull out all the individual tulle pieces to make your tulle ball. Similar to the method used for the tissue paper pom poms. So it will look like this when you’re finished fluffing.

princess wand, fairy wand

For your dowel rod you cut it down to the length you want (if needed) around 10″ or so. And wrap it with  your ribbon of choice securing it with hot glue every so often as you wrap.

Now you are ready to attach it to your tulle ball. I forgot to get a picture of this part but you attach it using the ends of the ribbon that you covered your rubber band with. Add a good bit of hot glue to the top of the dowel rod and put it right in between the two ribbon pieces. Then wrap the ribbon around the top of the dowel rod securing with hot glue. Tie a bow around the top to hide where they connect.

fairy princess wand
This would make a great gift set for a special little girly girl in your life.
princess tutu

DIY tutu

DIY tulle princess wand

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