So last Friday Matt told me to try and keep Claire up later than usual in hopes that she might sleep in on Saturday. (No such luck.) Since she gets up early for school she is usually ready for bed by 7. So to keep her entertained we decided to make our thankful tree after Maddy went to bed. We collected branches from our back yard after dinner that night and cleaned them off with a rag. Then I let Claire fill one of my vases with walnuts and faux cranberries from my vase filler collection. We just planted our branches into the vase and we had our tree! I got the thankful card printables from Emily at Jones Design Co. She designs the most beautiful stationary! You can download the printables here.

 Claire loved this project!

Since she is just learning to spell she drew out some things she is thankful for.



{Auntie Sara and Uncle Phil}

 Maddy can’t talk yet but I know she would say Cheerios. She’s an addict!

We truly have so much to be thankful for! Our tree isn’t big enough! What are you thankful for this year?
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