Every so often I get together with a group of girl friends for a girls night (sometimes it’s a girls day). It’s a time for us to get together kid free (if possible) and catch up on whats going on in each other’s lives. Whether is breakfast at Cracker Barrel, Lunch at Brick Street Cafe, or Karaoke and Dance Wars at Katie’s. We always have fun! This time we decided to have a craft night.

Katie made tissue paper pom poms for her little girls room.

Charity made this adorable Christmas tree shirt for her little girl.

Kris is working on her pendant necklaces and earrings.

Brianne worked on her scrapbook.

It’s not always easy with busy schedules to find a time that works for everyone but we make the most of it with the ones that can make it and hope it’s not too long before we can all get together again! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are having our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday since Matt had to work yesterday. I’ve got lots of sewing projects and Christmas decorating to get done today so I’d better get off the computer and get to work!