Claire’s fall party for preschool is coming up and I’m in charge of treat bags. So of course I couldn’t just go to the store, pick up a pack of bags and call it a day. No that would be way to easy. I had to make things ten times more difficult but also ten times more fun! Claire helped me a little with these and we love how they turned out! It seemed fitting that we made owls since Claire’s teacher has her room decorated with this theme. Here is what we did.

You will need brown paper bags, scrapbook paper, scissors, glue or rubber cement (my preference), owl templates and a good movie to watch while you cut everything out.

I made this owl template using some stencils and an owl pattern I already had. It just needed to be tweaked to fit the shape and size of the bag. I tried to scan the templates into the computer but for some reason it wasn’t working so I’m sorry about that. If you live in my area and would like the templates I’d be happy to give you a copy! You could also try printing off this picture, cutting out the itty bitty pieces and then blowing them up in your copier to whatever size you need. (I don’t know if this would work or not but it’s something I would do!)

I cut out all my pieces.

And then glued them onto the bags. So easy!!

 Here they are again! Aren’t they cute? Green for the boys and pink for the girls. Claire is already saying she wants an owl birthday party now. (Her birthday isn’t until the middle of next year so I’m sure she’ll  change her mind a million times by then.) What could you use some adorable owl treat bags for?