This week has been crazy getting ready for the Indy Craft Parade tomorrow. We’ve made around 600 tamales in the last couple days. (I say we, Matt actually made them. But doing dishes and tying a pretty bow around the corn husks counts for something right?)

Don’t they look pretty?
Here’s a quick post to show you how I made the chalkboard for our front porch. You can read more about the porch here.  This mirror had been in our attic since we moved in and I planned on doing something with it I just didn’t know what. When I decided to do a chalkboard for our front porch I knew it would be perfect! (That poor chair in the background is about to get a makeover soon also!)

First, I took the glass out of the frame so I wouldn’t have to tape.

I cleaned it off and sprayed it with several light coats of chalkboard paint. This stuff is a tad pricey but it lasts forever! This is the third chalkboard I’ve used it for and there is still some left!

I let it dry for 24 hours and then primed it with chalk. (You can read more about that here.)

Then I popped it back in the frame. So easy! And it’s perfect for my porch!

Have you searched through your garage or attic lately? Maybe you have something you could give new life too with chalkboard paint!