So one day last month is was out shopping and saw some absolutely adorable little girl shoes. 
They looked a little something like these. $53
Aren’t these adorable also? $52
These shoes are both from Pediped and if you would like to purchase them you can get them here. I decided not to buy them. Maddy already has more shoes than me (seriously). And since it’s been hot out she has maybe worn two pairs. I also knew that I could create something similar for way cheaper. So I did. Here’s how.
First, using the fabric of your choice cut out circles. You want the size of your circle to be about the size of the finished flower. You will need 7 circles for each.
I just folded the fabric and cut out a ton of circles at one time. 

Then your going to fold each circle in half and in half again so it looks like the ones below. Hold them together with a dab of hot glue.

Then cut off the point at the end.

Glue the first four petals to the felt base of your flower. The felt base should be about half the size of the finished flower.

So you’ll have a square left in the middle.

Then hot glue the last 3 petals to the top so it looks like this.

Here’s a look at what the bottom looks like.

I found these shoes in Maddy’s closet and used fabric that I already had so the cost for these was nothing. I hot glued Velcro to the flowers and the shoes so that they could be interchangeable. I like to change things out to match different outfits.

Here’s my little sweetie now modeling her shoes.

And just exactly how long does it take for her to realize she has flowers on her shoes and try to rip them off?

About 10 seconds! Glad I didn’t pay $53 for them!
These would look adorable on a headband, hair clip or pinned to your outfit! You could also embellish the center for a little different look. You can take a look at one I embellished here.