I love the look of burlap and I love ruffles so I made this ruffle wreath last week for my front door. It didn’t actually end up on the door since I loved how it looked on my old window. Here is the tutorial in case you would like to make one yourself.

You need a twig wreath, scissors, yard stick, pencil, hot glue gun, sewing machine to sew the ruffle and flowers to embellish the front.

First, you measure out three 4″ wide strips running in the length of your fabric.

 I just cut out one and used that as a template to cut the other two.

Then sew your strips together and iron the seams flat.

Now your ready to make your ruffle. You’re going to be using a basting stitch but before you start it you need to secure it at the end by sewing a few stitches back and forth using the regular stitch length. That way when you go to pull your thread it won’t come out at the end. After you have secured the end set your sewing machine to the longest stitch length like in the picture below.

Sew down the middle all the way to the end.

Now you will have two threads coming out at the end. You take one of those threads and pull it to create the ruffle. Don’t pull two hard or the thread will break and  you will have to start over.

Pull all the way till the end so the ruffle looks like this.

Now secure your ruffle by sewing over it with the regular stitch length.

Then hot glue your ruffle to the wreath.

You can embellish it with flowers or what ever you want. You can view the tutorial for the large red and cream flowers here. And the small brown flower here.

Hope you enjoy! You can view the rest of this room here.

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