Instead of balloons for Claire’s party this year I decided to do something a little different and make these tissue paper pom poms. I also used them in Maddy’s nursery. They were really very easy it just takes a little time to fluff them all. For this project you will need tissue paper, floral wire or pipe cleaners, scissors and thread.

I got tissue paper both from the party section at Target like in the photo below and also the kind in the plastic packages from Hobby Lobby. First you stack 8-10 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other.  You want your tissue to be in a rectangular shape so you may have to cut it depending on what size you buy. The ones I got from Hobby Lobby I had to cut. I tried to make one in the square shape that it came in and it looked weird when I pulled the pieces out. So make sure it’s a rectangle. I made several different sizes but I made sure the length was about 10″ more than the width. For example, one of them I made measured 30″x20″.

After you stack your pieces your going to fold 1  1/2″ accordion folds across the paper. (I forgot to take a picture of this before I cut the ends so they are already in their pointed shape. Oops!)

Then you cut the ends in the shape you want them. I made some pointed like this one and I rounded the edges on some. 
Here is an example of what the rounded edge looks like.

Then you wrap the floral wire or pipe cleaner around the center and make a little circle out of the end. You will tie your thread to the circle to hang it from the ceiling. Floral wire looks nicer but I was finishing these up at midnight one evening and ran out so I did several with the pipe cleaners I found in my craft supplies.

Then fan it out like so.

And start separating the pieces.

Do this to the other side also until all of the pieces have been pulled apart and you have a big ball.

Now tie your thread around the circle you made with the pipe cleaner. I used white thumb tacks to hang the  thread from the ceiling.
I made a few smaller flowers using the same method. For these I cut the paper 7″x9″. This one I left the edges straight.
This one has the pointed edge.
I attached the pipe cleaner to a dowel rod and used them in my teapot vase.

Here they are again! An affordable decoration to spruce up any festive occasion!