Right now I’m totally in love with fabric flowers. I was so excited when I found this pattern from Emily at Jones Design Co. I love her blog! Here is how I put these together.  

First print out the template from her blog. You can get it here.
Then use the templates to cut out the fabric.

You need 4 of the large petals and 3 of the small.

Gather the center and sew it wrapping the thread around the middle and tying a knot to secure.

Then start stacking them. Starting with the big petals.
Ending with the small ones.
Sew all the petals together.
Then hot glue the embellishment to the center.
I made a smaller flower also to go on the slightly smaller pillow. You can get the small template here.
I just sewed them directly onto the pillow. I think I’m going to make a small flower to spruce up a dress I have. And maybe a headband for the girls!