My sister was visiting a few weeks ago and mentioned she would like a chalkboard like the one I was working on at the time. Here she is with her “baby” Bella.

So I decided to make one for her birthday.

Here’s how I did it. First, start with an empty frame. This one happens to be from Hobby Lobby, I just added a sawtooth picture hanger to the back since it didn’t have any hardware.
I spray painted it red using Krylon’s Cherry Red Gloss. I actually really liked the white but Sara said she needed to add some color since she’s renting and can’t paint her condo right now.
You also need particle board. I had this one left over from another project. I just cut it down to size. This was my first ever attempt at using this saw (not my last however) so I was quite proud of myself for cutting a straight line. I just measured it out to fit the inside of my frame, drew my line on the board and cut it. (Sorry the blade didn’t make it in the picture.)

Then I spray painted the smooth side of the particle board using Krylon chalkboard spray paint. It took several thin layers of paint giving it a few minutes to dry in between coats. There are a ton of options when it comes to chalkboard paint. I saw several different colors at AC Moore the other day. And here is a tutorial on how to make it yourself. I’m planning to give it a try one of these days.

Here’s a closeup of the paint I used.

I let it sit for 24 hours to get good and dry and then I used wood glue to attach it to the inside of my frame. You’ll have to press the board in place on the glue until it dries. I just turned my frame upside down and put books on top of the board to press it firmly against the glue until it was dry. I primed my chalkboard by rubbing it with a piece of chalk lengthwise and then wiping it with a dry cloth.
I made a little chalk holder out of a mason jar, adding a label made out of scrapbook paper and some ribbon.

Here it is in it’s finished form ready to greet Sara on her birthday!