I love all the little bird decor that is out there right now so I was thrilled when I found out I was having another girl! I would have wanted to do it if it was a boy also but my husband was insistent we do a Boston Celtics room. (Yay, no smoking leprechaun in the nursery!!) Anyway so here is what we did for above her changing table.
You will need:
1. A branch- either fake or from your backyard.
2. Fake flowers 
3. Cup hooks
4. Hot glue gun
5. Little birdies
6. Bird house
7. Scrapbook paper
8. Stencils or Stickers for name banner
9.Writing utensil of choice (if using stencil)
10. Birdie vinyl decals
11. Ribbon
12. Little nails
13.Rubber cement
Sorry I don’t have a ton of pictures for this but at the time I didn’t think to take them. First choose your branch. I already had a ton of fake branches so I used one of those. If I hadn’t I would have gotten one from the yard and maybe spray painted it for some added character.  Then I placed it up against the wall where I wanted it to determine the best placement for the cup hooks to go. I only used two hooks on the straight part of the branch on the right. One is at the very end and the other is right above the bird house (hiding behind the white flower). Then I hot glued some fake flowers to it. I found the bird house at Hobby Lobby and added the green paint so it would stand out more. Then you just need some fun little birdies to live on it! You can get them here if you need some. The vinyl bird decals I ordered from etsy and used scrapbook paper and stickers to make her name banner. I put nails in close to the birds mouths and tied the ribbon around it so you can’t see them. Here is a close up of the birds.
Here are a few other pictures of her room. In an attempt to save money I used Claire’s old baby bedding. It’s the Pottery Barn Sophia collection. The birdie branch decal is from etsy. My crib and changing table were given to me by my former boss at Pottery Barn. She was the sweetest!
I made these window treatments when Claire was born. She moved into her big girl room so we reused them for Maddy.

Hope you enjoy! I’ll be posting pictures of Claire’s big girl room soon.